We all know the holidays can be chaotic. Visiting relatives that never seem to leave, cooking for an army of guests, and stressing out over buying just the perfect gift. If you’re running a business, you can essentially double your stress levels. You need seasonal policies for your business that are simple and efficient.

At Merchant Payment Services, our seasonal processing solutions are a highly popular option. Many small businesses take advantage of seasonal credit card processing accounts. Available as a standard retail account, with a single point of sale device, these offer the same rates as a year-round processing contract, but without the ongoing fees accumulated during inactive months. Once your business closes for the season, the account will be rendered inactive.

If you run a snow plow service, a Christmas tree lot, fall fairs, pumpkin patches or any other of the wide range of businesses that pop up during seasonal months, seasonal credit card accounts, we’re committed to making things easy. No contracts, no fees during off months, no paperwork, free equipment, and 24/7 customer support means we take the steps necessary to help your seasonal business thrive. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or by phone today.