To keep your business competitive, there are a few absolute necessities. You need to be transparent and honest with your clients. You need to effectively market your goods and services. Perhaps most importantly, you need an online presence and a safe and convenient way to capture payments from customers. Without that, it’s an absolute certainty that you’ll be left in the dust.

Small Business POS Systems

For more than 27 years of experience, Merchant Payment Services has offered a host of e-commerce solutions that allow you to accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably through a variety of small business POS systems. Benefits of using one of Merchant Payment Services’ POS system for your small business are that they:

• Provide an available website payment gateway.
• Are compatible with hundreds of shopping carts.
• Help prevent fraud.
• Enhance cash flow.
• Help merchants increase revenue generation.
• Provide safe and secure processing.
•  Come with 24/7 customer service and technical support.

When you partner with us, you’ll find that our small business POS system solutions are designed to take the hassle out of accepting credit card payments. With, our payment gateway service is fast, easy, affordable, and offers a free point of sale credit card processing software. This secure, browser-based interface allows you to securely process and manage credit card transactions from any computer that has an internet connection and web browser.

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