To keep your customers satisfied and coming back, flexibility is the name of the game. That’s very true when it comes to how you accept payment methods. While the majority of your clients will pay by credit card, occasionally some will pay by check. In a case like that, you can either regretfully decline the check — and the sale — or you can take checks the easy way.

Merchant Processing and Check Services

At Merchant Payment Services, we can make your operations more efficient with electronic check processing, also known as ACH (automated clearing house) — it’s just one of the many merchant processing services that we offer. This lets you electronically credit and debit bank accounts of both customers and business partners. You’ll have the freedom to take checks in person, online, or over the phone, as well as provide your employees with the option for direct deposit. ACH transactions are resolved in a similar manner as traditional checks. The clearinghouse records all transactions daily and categorizes them by the place the check was cashed, totals the amount, and credits or debits all accounts appropriately. Your customer gets the option of how to pay and you get the sale.

More than 27 years of merchant processing experience means we have the expertise and programs to help your business thrive while helping you provide the options your customers expect. To schedule a free consultation for your business, call us or fill out a contact form online.