Why should your company choose cash on demand over a small business loan? Simply put, banks refuse credit requests from small businesses about 90 percent of the time. Getting together all the necessary paperwork and waiting for approval is wasted time that you could be growing your business. Cash on demand is a perfect option for companies that wish to avoid:

• Small business loans
• Bad credit loans
• Secured business financing
• Unsecured business loans
• Needless hassles

Merchant Processing and Cash Advances

At Merchant Payment Services, our cash on demand program gives you funds based on what you think your future sales may be. You’ll exchange a portion of your future credit card transactions for capital that can be used for any business purpose immediately. Repaying your loan is easy. Payments are taken as a small, previously agreed-to percentage from your credit card sales through the other merchant processing services you already receive from us. That means the repayment is directly associated with the success of your business instead of being a fixed payment. The better your business does the sooner the loan gets paid, so it’s in our interest to provide you with the cash needed to run your business.

For more than 27 years, we’ve been committed to helping businesses with merchant processing solutions, cutting-edge POS systems, and the means to grow. With the newest software and detailed customer service, we’re ready to begin when you are. To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or by phone today.