Merchant Payment Services is proud to partner with Petrosoft to offer industry-leading merchant processing and POS solutions for those who work in the convenience store industry. Petrosoft offers an intuitive POS solution through SmartPOS and allows you to manage your inventory and fuel distribution services. Clients who partner with us for their convenience store merchant processing receive the POS hardware and software terminal, a 2D scanner, receipt printer, PIN pads and cash drawer(s), making us the one stop shop for getting your convenience store business off the ground successfully and at competitive rates.

The POS system is easy-to-use, which makes training a breeze. This merchant processing solution offers convenience stores loss prevention analytics and gives you, as a retailer, new dimensions of knowledge letting you know how sales are occurring and putting the power back in your hands.

KEy features include safe drop enforcement and age restricted sales validations, as well as search, shortcuts, and pending order management for an uninterrupted workflow experience.

Additional Benefits

Some other benefits of our merchant processing and POS systems for convenience stores include:

  • Retailer confidence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Transaction compliance
  • Transaction speed
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Data integrity
  • Cashier confidence
  • Cash handling compliance
  • Operations control and effectiveness
  • Transaction accuracy
  • Training effectiveness
  • Integration flexibility

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