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We offer the right products, the right solutions, to many different types of merchants. It doesn't matter if you are a street vendor, retail store, storefront, contractor or are a representative for a cosmetics company -- we have what you need, and we can provide low rates and excellent customer service.

Credit Card Equipment

Credit card terminals, pinpads, printers and other products for merchants.

We have the latest credit card processing equipment, including traditional credit card swiping terminals, wireless terminals, pinpads, receipt printers and check readers. And we carry products from major manufacturers like Verifone, Hyperco and Nurit. Learn more about the credit card equipment we offer.

Wireless Credit Card Machines

Pinpads and wireless credit card products for merchants.

We can provide you with wireless merchant services with our wireless credit card processing terminals, which are hand-held devices that allow you to take credit card payments on the go. A wireless credit card machine makes it easy to swipe credit cards at trade shows, flea markets and on-site after you have provided services, such as trimming trees. Learn more about the wireless credit card terminals we offer.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Products that help merchants accept credit cards anywhere, anytime.

Turn your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone into a mobile payment processing terminal with our ROAMPay credit card swiper. These wireless credit card swipers are portable, convenient, secure and incredibly easy to use. They even work with flip phones, allow you to key in transactions manually. Learn more about our mobile credit card processing.

Cash ATM Machines

ATM Machine products for merchants with high levels of in-store foot traffic.

Put an ATM in your store and earn extra revenue by getting into the ATM machine business. Having an ATM in your shop provides more flexibility for your customers. If they need to pay for products, they can just get money out of the ATM. An ATM can also generate revenue for you anytime someone withdraws money, so it becomes a way to generate extra revenue for your retail store without having to do any work, especially if you have a lot of foot traffic. Learn more about our ATMs. Learn more about our cash ATM machines.

Point of Banking Systems (ATM Scrip or Cashless ATM)

Cashless ATM products for merchants with high levels of in-store foot traffic.

Earn extra revenue in your store with PIN-based transactions with a Cashless ATM system in your store. These work with your customer's bank card, ATM card or credit card, giving then access to the cash in their account and allowing them to withdraw additional funds when they make a purchase. They provide you with a better way to accept bankcards and avoid the expensive processing fees. The terminal that you use to swipe the cards is very similar to the one that you use to swipe credit cards, but it only accepts PIN-based transaction in increments of $5 or $10. Learn more about our cashless ATM point of banking systems.


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